Machine Learning Seminar Spring 2013

Schedule of Topics

Please fill in your name and topic below. When you are done, save and click on the link to your paper (in the view mode, not the edit mode) and upload the respective file.

Date Name Topic Paper
3/01 Dor Kedem Non-linear Metric Learning: Kernel Methods Attach:kernelMetricLearning.pdf
03/08 Zheng Chen Discriminative Learning of Sum-Product Networks Attach:paperMar08.pdf
03/15 Attach:paperMar15.pdf Δ
03/22 Matthew Kusner A spectral algorithm for latent Dirichlet allocation. Attach:paperMar22.pdf
03/29 Attach:paperMar29.pdf Δ
04/05 Ian Schillebeeckx Learning global properties of scene images based on their correlational Structures Attach:paperApr05.pdf
04/12 Attach:paperApr12.pdf Δ