06/3/2012: Dr. Cunningham Publishes Article in Nature
"In an online article released on June 3, John Cunningham and his colleagues describe potentially revolutionary insight into the workings of the motor cortex. Populations of neurons in motor cortex appear to undergo similar coordinated rhythmic oscillations for a wide variety of motions. The model suggests the motor cortex acts as a general pattern generator. This finding challenges the conventional view that individual neurons each encode external features of the movement -- a model derived from our understanding of the visual cortex." Story

04/10/2012: Eddie Xu wins Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Grant
Ph.D. student Eddie Xu, in Professor Weinberger's lab, recently won a $5K grant from Yahoo! Labs Key Scientific Challenges Program. Eddie's work includes an algorithm that cleverly uses boosting to perform rapid inference, work which has strong implications for machine learning in industry (see ICML post above).

02/1/2012: Dr. Weinberger receives NSF CAREER Award
The award is given for his work on metric learning and provides funding for five years. NSF CAREER awards are “in support of the early career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who most effectively integrate research and education within the context of the mission of their organization” with the goal of “building a firm foundation for a lifetime of integrated contributions to research and education.”

03/3/2011: Students Win Third Place in Challenge
Ph. D. Students Dor Kedem and Eddie Xu placed third overall in the PASCAL Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge. The performance of participant submissions was judged on five different data sets ranging from Arabic manuscripts to human action recognition. 548 teams registered for the competition.