Jan 30

Speaker: Dane Sorensen

Title: Modern Baseball Analytics in MLB front offices


Baseball has a long history of attracting practitioners of statistics and machine learning who plied their tools on problems related to the sport. Over the last 20 years this approach of using quantitative methods to evaluate and predict player performance, called “Sabermetrics”, has taken hold in MLB front offices. With this growth has come a dramatic increase in quantity and sophistication of the data and approaches used by analysts. This talk seeks to provide some insight into some interesting problems and approaches from modern baseball analytics.


Dane Sorensen is entering his fifth season working in the Baseball Development group of the St Louis Cardinals. Baseball Development focuses on providing predictive analytics and decision support products for the entire organization. These services range from analyzing player performance to providing end-user interfaces for scouting, player development, and administration. Prior to that, he earned his BA in Mathematics from Lawrence University, spent a brief time working in the healthcare software industry, and then earned a MS in Informatics from Indiana University.