Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral Researcher

Former PHD Students

Assistant Professor at Jiaotong University

Software Engineer at University of Wisconsin

Postdoctoral Researcher at NUS

Staff Researcher at Criteo Lab

Research Scientist at Facebook

Analytics Manager at OperaSolutions LLC

Senior Scientist and Team Leader at EMBL-EBI

Senior Scientist at Assuragen Inc.

Software Engineer at Google

Software Development Engineer at Microsoft

Research Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute

Software Engineer at Google Brain

Software Engineer at Google

Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Clinical Molecular Genetics Fellow at NIH

Research Scientist at J. Craig Venter Institute

Software Engineer at AMPL Organization Inc.

Research Scientist at NVIDIA Corporation

Team Lead at The Climate Corporation

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Reddit Inc.

Quantitative Researcher at Citadel LLC